How to Overcome Your Fear of The Dentist – Advice from Friendly Dentists in Oxfordshire ☺

fear of the dentist

Here at Kennett Road Dental in Oxfordshire, we are working hard to help hundreds of patients conquer their fears for better dental health.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are not alone.

The Oral Health Foundation found that almost half of adults in the UK have a fear of the dentist, with 12% suffering a severe phobia.

At Kennett Road Dental we have some patients who are so anxious about going to the dentist that they firstly have a couple of appointments to just talk about their dental problems.

The key to overcoming your fears is to firstly talk to your dentist about them. It may be comforting for you to know that no matter how anxious or scared you are of the dentist; we will have seen and treated a patient far more nervous than you. Even calling the dental practice may make you feel nervous but our friendly and welcoming team at Kennett Road Dental will be here to talk and support you through your dental journey.

Here are some common concerns about going to the dentist and strategies to subdue them:

  1. The worry that dental treatment will hurt

If you’re nervous about pain, let us know so that we can talk you through the different pain numbing and relief options for the treatment you are having.

  1. Bad experiences in the past

Many people think that dental treatment is painful and have associated smells and sounds with unpleasant memories from their past. However, dentistry has advanced so much in the past decade, it’s much more gentle and dental practices are far more relaxing and friendly.

If you have had bad experiences previously, explain your fears and concerns to your new dentist who will be understanding and supportive.

  1. Feelings of helplessness or loss of control

Being confined in a chair can provoke feelings similar to claustrophobia. If this is you, let your dentist know so that during the appointment you can raise your hand to take a break.

  1. Fear of judgement/embarrassment about your teeth 

Some patients may be worried about visiting the dentist because of judgment or they’re embarrassed about their teeth. Before your appointment you may wish to tell your dentist that you’re embarrassed about the state of your teeth – but you would like their help to fix them. This may make you feel more relaxed knowing that your dentist is aware of your anxieties and they will not be judging you.

Remember: Dental professionals at Kennett Road Dental want to help you improve your dental hygiene, we will NEVER be judging you!

  1. Anxiety about cost

If you are worried about the cost of your treatment, you can speak to our team about finance and monthly payment options to suit you.

Please get in contact with us today if you have any concerns about booking an appointment at Kennett Road Dental. We will always be happy to help and support you overcoming your fears of the dentist, no matter how big or small!


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