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Tooth friendly Easter - Oxfordshire Dentist
With a long Easter weekend coming up, there’s plenty of time to rest, spend time with family and indulge in
Over the past few decades, drinking fizzy beverages has become an inseparable part of a daily routine for many people.
At Kennett Road Dental Practice, we are all about families. There is nothing more important in the world than your
Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be a horrendous time if you’re a tooth. Sugar intake is typically doubled and
At Kennett Road Dental Practice, we hope you all know how and when to brush your teeth. It seems like
At Kennett Road Dental Practice, we are happy things can start getting back to normal. Well done to the NHS,
We have spoken about how to detect mouth cancer in our blog before but it’s again that time of year
As we ease into Autumn with the pleasant sound of crunchy leaves underfoot, our minds naturally turn to the festivals
Seven years ago, the NHS in Scotland launched a successful initiative called ‘Childsmile’. The purpose of this is to promote
There are so many toothbrushes on the market, it’s hard to know which one is for you. Should you get
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