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As we ease into Autumn with the pleasant sound of crunchy leaves underfoot, our minds naturally turn to the festivals
Seven years ago, the NHS in Scotland launched a successful initiative called ‘Childsmile’. The purpose of this is to promote
There are so many toothbrushes on the market, it’s hard to know which one is for you. Should you get
We know a lot of people experience anxiety at the thought of attending their dental surgery. Don’t worry, we don’t
The arrival of wisdom teeth can fill some people with anxiety and even despair. Everyone has heard of a friend
Yes, it’s time we talked about the big bad monster: sugar. We know your kids love the stuff. Don’t we
Fear of visiting dentist Oxford
It’s a worry many of us suffer from and although a genuine phobia of dentists is rare, a touch of
Healthy Smile
Almost everyone has seen the Corsodyl adverts about tooth loss. You know, the ones with a beautiful girl putting on
Man cleaning teeth
Although we wish to make it clear that Kennett Road Dental Practice is open and ready to help you with
Woman Brushing Teeth In Bathroom
We would all like to wave a magic wand or snap our fingers and suddenly have whiter teeth, but in
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