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Dental Crown

Dental Crown Treatment in Oxford

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, you may feel self-conscious about your smile and have difficulty chewing your food.
But there's good news - a dental crown can restore your tooth's strength, function, and appearance.

As an experienced dentist in Oxford, I'm here to guide you through the process of getting a crown and help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile you can be proud of.

Dental Crown Oxford Kennett Road Dental Practice

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also known as a tooth cap, is a custom-made covering that fits over a damaged tooth to restore its shape, size, colour and strength.

Crowns can be made from various materials, each with its own unique benefits.

Types of Dental Crowns

  • Ceramic crowns: Made from durable, tooth-coloured materials, ceramic crowns provide both strength and aesthetics and offer the most natural look
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns: A metal base provides strength, while a porcelain overlay ensures a natural appearance. Suitable for back teeth-superseded by ceramic crowns
  • Gold alloy crowns: Known for their durability, gold crowns are a good choice for out-of-sight molars.

Why You May Need a Dental Crown

There are several reasons your dentist might recommend a crown:

  • To protect a weak tooth from decay or breaking
  • To protect and seal a root treated back tooth
  • To restore a broken or severely worn-down tooth
  • To cover a misshapen or severely discoloured tooth
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To make a cosmetic modification for a more attractive smile

The Dental Crown Procedure

Having a crown usually takes two dental visits. At the first appointment, your dentist will examine the tooth and prepare it for the crown. This involves removing some of the outer tooth material, either to get rid of decay or to ensure the crown fits properly.

At Kennett Road Dental Practice we now use a modern digital scanner to scan the prepared tooth- no more messy impression materials! This scan is then e mailed to our master technicians based in Oxfordshire who will fabricate your custom crown.

You'll be given a custom temporary crown (made by your dentist) to wear while you wait for your permanent one to be made. At the second visit, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and check the fit, colour and bite of your new permanent crown. If everything looks good, the crown will be cemented into place.

Cost of Dental Crowns in Oxford

The cost of a dental crown can vary depending on the material used and the specific needs of your tooth. In Oxford, crowns typically range from £500 to £1,000 per tooth. While this may seem like a significant investment, it's important to remember that a crown can last a decade or more with proper care, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run. See our fees and monthly payment plans here.

Dental Crowns After Root Canal Treatment

If you've had a root canal, your dentist will likely recommend a crown to protect the treated tooth. During a root canal, the tooth's pulp is removed, which can weaken the tooth's structure. A crown provides the necessary support and protection to prevent the tooth from breaking and extend its lifespan. It also seals the tooth and prevents re -infection of the root.

Restore Your Smile at Kennett Road Dental Practice

At Kennett Road Dental Practice, we understand that the cost of dental treatments can be daunting. Please speak to your dentist about your options.

Don't let a damaged tooth hold you back from smiling with confidence. With a custom dental crown, you can chew with confidence and enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come. Contact our friendly team today to book your consultation and take the first step towards restoring your smile's strength and beauty.


How Many Appointments Are Required for Dental Crowns?

The dental crown process typically takes two appointments:

  • The initial consultation and tooth preparation.
  • Fitting the permanent crown (and possibly a follow-up to check the fit)

What is the Lifespan of Dental Crowns?

On average, dental crowns last between 8 and 10 years. However, with excellent oral hygiene and regular check-ups, it’s not uncommon for them to last even longer. The better you take care of your crown, the longer it will serve you.
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