How to have a tooth-friendly Easter

Tooth friendly Easter - Oxfordshire Dentist

With a long Easter weekend coming up, there’s plenty of time to rest, spend time with family and indulge in a few Easter treats. Easter baskets and egg hunts are a fantastic way to treat your little ones (and yourself) to a fun surprise this springtime holiday, and it’s true that when it comes to chocolate eggs, even us dentists can’t help ourselves this time of year! 

We can’t wait for the festivities, but it’s still important to remember that even at Easter, overindulging can wreak havoc on your teeth. 

It’s inevitable that we’re going to enjoy an egg or two, but to keep your teeth in excellent condition, why not try a few of our favourite tooth-friendly Easter alternatives from our Easter top-tips!

Dark Chocolate  

If you’re indulging in some chocolate, dark chocolate contains significantly less sugar than milk varieties, making it one of the best types of chocolate for your teeth. If you’re able to create your own treats, using dark chocolate and other ingredients such as nuts too is a great way to know exactly how much sugar you’re consuming.


As the Easter bunny’s favourite treat, carrots are not only a perfect Easter food, but they’re good for your teeth too. Eating crunchy carrots can act as a natural toothbrush, which helps to prevent plaque build-up!

Decorative Eggs

With brightly coloured eggs adorning your Easter basket, it can be tempting to grab a bit of chocolate every time you walk past. So as a project for the kids, or even creative adults, it can be a fun and relaxing activity to decorate a few hard-boiled eggs to use as a lovely touch to your spring decorations. You could even add a large Papier-mâché egg for a bold centrepiece!

Fillable Eggs

Steer clear of chocolate altogether with fillable eggs. The best thing about these is that you can hide anything you wish inside. Toys, crafts, jokes and riddles will keep the kids happy and add an extra element of surprise to their treats. Fillable eggs are a perfect chocolate replacement for your Easter egg hunt and as an added bonus they can be used again and again, year after year!

Tooth friendly Easter - Oxfordshire Dentist

Non-edible gifts

Easter isn’t just about the chocolate, you can purchase and make a whole host of gifts that your friends and family can enjoy and keep. Easter-themed books, colouring and craft activity sets are always a winner with the little ones and are a great way to keep them entertained during the holidays. 

Along with choosing alternatives to high sugar treats this easter, there are a few other things you can do to make sure your Easter break is as tooth-friendly as possible.

Portion Control 

Did you know that some chocolate eggs can include up to 10 times the recommended daily amount of sugar? Read the packaging of all sweet treats before tucking in, to make sure you and your family are eating the right amount per serving.

Treat O’clock

Sticking to the right portion per serving may become difficult if you are grazing on treats throughout the day. Consuming chocolate just once a day will not only help with controlling your intake but will also give your mouth a chance to return to neutral acidity. Pick a specific time to enjoy your sweet treats together and follow them with a glass of water or milk to remove any sugary debris from your teeth. 

Wait Before Brushing

Tooth enamel is at its weakest after being exposed to sugar and acid. With this in mind, we would recommend not brushing straight after eating and stopping eating at least one hour before starting your bedtime routine. 

Stick to Routine

Maintaining your oral health routine throughout the holidays will contribute to keeping your teeth healthy and free from decay. Just remember the perfect combination of brushing for 2 minutes twice a day, flossing, interdental brushing and using a mouthwash. 

We hope these tooth-friendly tips will enable you to enjoy an Easter break that involves fewer sugar crashes and more family fun! 

If you are at all worried about your family’s oral health at this time of year you can always book a check-up or hygienist appointment following the Easter break to put your mind at ease and keep your teeth healthy and pearly white.

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